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Knee Wraps

I have a question for you guys?
I am really starting to creep up on my squats and never felt abnormal pain on my deep squats. Now Im getting some painful discomfort when I go deep in and under my knee caps? Please note I use heavy weight but not super heavy weight (like Powerlifter)
If I buy wraps think that will help? and whats the best method to wrap, all over the knee or below the cap?
Any advice is appreicated?
If its covered before my apologizes.

i personally use just regurlar knee braces and in all honestly they make the biggest difference for me bc i have really bad knee problems but since ive been squating heavy with a knee brace it seems the problem has gone away almost completely.

That sounds like something Id like to use. Can you post a website of a model of brace I can use? Also If you use those for squats will it weaken your knees at all? or do you use an alternate excersise to make sure they stay strong?

I would think that a brace may actually hinder in someways, as in becoming a crutch(ie like a belt), that would be my opinion.

I only chime in here because Im having some knee issues(I believe them to only be soft tissue related) and need a little something extra like a sleeve or something to keep the area warm. I dont want the compression or something like a brace in fear of it becoming a crutch. I have/had trigger points in the VMO, Vastus Laterus and IT band, causing the patella to track incorrectly and am trying to bring it all back up to speed. Im curious to hear from others on this, should I and the OP go with a sleeve with little to no compression, wraps for compression, or something more stout like a brace?

Try the Rehband knee sleeves. Many of the strongman competitors that train at the gym I go to use these, as does one of the powerlifters that has knee problems. They don’t provide as much support as knee wraps, but I’m told they do a very good job of keeping the knee joint warm and help with pain.


What I would do it get some neuoprene sleeves and apply a lintiment on before you put on the sleeve. Do this before you go to the gym and that will help prepare your body to get in the zone.