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Knee Wraps

Just a little thread to know what are the knee wraps you guys uses? if you can include some pro and cons of it can help me.

I want to buy a pair but i don’t know wich one’s is better.

They will be used in Squat and sometimes DL.
Merci Jonathan

I bought mine from BFS, Bigger,Faster,Stronger. There are different kinds; not sure why. I’m sure we’ll get someone here to gives us some insight into it.

Remember this though, wrap from the outside to inside around your knees! Also, don’t wrap too tightly.

I use the knee wraps, I think they are Inzer, with three red stripes and a black background. They have worked for me fine with squats up to 500lbs.

It’s unusual, even in Powerlifting, to wrap knees for deadlifting. Why do you feel the need?
Don’t use wraps all the time, cycle their use as you cycle you SQ weights.
Don’t wrap tight for reps of 5.
Don’t wrap for higher reps than 5.
Wrap tighter for 3’s
When going for a single wrap really tight.
It’ll take a while to get used to wraps, they can change your groove- throwing you forward if you’re not carefull. When you get used to them;what you consider tight now will seem slack.