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Knee Wraps

How long do knee wraps last? I’ve only used mine 3 times and plan on using them every 6-9 weeks so can anyone give a general idea how long before they’re not as effective.

I’ve used one pair of knee wraps in over 40 training sessions and 1 meet. and i still get about 25kg out of them, and this is with a cheap pair, im sure your wraps will last a while

Damn I have to learn how to use wraps better

I have always considered there to be three categories of wraps:
Meet Comp Wraps
Meet Prep Wraps
Training Wraps

What starts as a Comp wraps become Prep wraps that become training wraps overtime. I have a couple of pair that are twenty+ years old.

[quote]MattyXL wrote:
Damn I have to learn how to use wraps better[/quote]

That’s no lie. I was thinking the same thing because no way I’m getting that much carry over to my squat from them.