Knee Wraps vs Sleeves

What’s the difference and when should you use either of them.

Wraps pin the patellar tendon and the quad tendon down and hold them in place, which equals more stability and support for what is typically the weakest link in the squat. The fabric also gives rebound from behind the knee.

sleeves: typically looser, help maintain warmth and blood flow to the area but don’t provide as much support. Wraps are really only necessary for competitive lifters, and older lifters. Most people who think they need them really don’t.

I agree with what robo said and will add that using wraps takes practice. I know the first few times I used my knee wraps they didn’t last longer than 2 or 3 reps.

If you have bad knees (like myself) you might want to try knee wraps if you max out a lot. I know that knee sleeves weren’t doing crap for me on ME Squat days.

robo1 has it right. I would add that as you get a bit older a pair of knee sleeves (I use Tommy Kono’s Knee Bands) go a LONG way to help your knees handle heavy squats. They do NOT assist in the lift, just keep the joints warm and flexible. Well worth the price.