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Knee Wraps/Sleeves...Analogous to Belts?

I know the general consensus is that lifting without a belt for non-maximal lifts is preferred so that the various muscles involved in lumbar stabilization develop along with the primary mover in say, the squat.

Now I have been having a lot of knee pain recently, and more than the pain (which comes and goes), I just feel a general instability down there. I’ve never had a knee injury (that I’m aware of), but the idea of a torn meniscus or anything else down there has me a bit worried.

My question is, would knee wraps add support but take away from stabilization like belts do? Or are knee wraps a good investment without really any drawbacks.

Mike Robertson recommends them in his article [topic]1127149[/topic] but does not really address this issue.

in terms of knee health, i can not really comment on wraps as i have never used them. but i believe some knee sleeves to be very beneficial.

i use Tommy Kono knee sleeves. They are neoprene and fit snugly. I dont really feel a carryover with them, but they definitely keep my knee warm and give me some confidence in it…

btw, it took me entirely too long to type this because you avatar is sort of hypnotic…

I was having alot of knee pain and couldnt figure out why. i finally switched to olympic shoes and it made such a difference. I hardly have any knee pain

If you’re interested in knee health/comfort, you’d be much better off with knee sleeves.

Knee wraps are uncomfortable and tight which makes it harder bend your knees and gives you a little more rebound out of the hole.

You can either go for neoprene ones like coolnatedawg mentioned, or the “knee wrap style” ones that APT and Inzer carry.

So no one thinks/has research on the comparison?

Research? What kind of research? Everyone that has responded to this post (except for myself) has given a logical and reasonable post to your query. I guess I’m just not sure what you are asking. If you are looking for validation to keeping your knees health, I honestly don’t think anyone else here gives two-craps about what you do.

I am not trying to be out of line, but your health is your health. As far as the “sleeves/knee wrap stabilization”, re-read buckeye girl’s post.

Are you doing any exercises which place extra stress on the knees? Examples include smith machine squats, hack squats, sissy squats, leg extensions, and any free squat not done to at least a powerlifting legal depth.

I squat heavy and deep all the time, and have done so for years. The only time I ever had knee pain was when I tried shallower squats and when I used a hack squat machine.

Knee wraps really should only be used for max weights, as they will take away some work from the knee joint. They are designed to give you more spring out of the hole, not really to protect the knee. This can lead to a reliance on them and a weakening of the adjacent joint, like when people where a belt for too many sets.

I only use wraps for max sets and when I compete. I tried knee sleeves but really didn’t get anything from them. In fact my knees felt worse after using them, but maybe I’m just an exception.

I’d focus more on making sure you’re using proper form and doing pre-habilitation exercises to strengthen your knees rather than relying on gear. Wraps really are only for powerlifting competition.

I wish thee well!

Knee sleeves are good. Buy them and use them.