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Knee Wraps PT2


I had no idea where to post this so here goes.

I seen posts on knee wraps and for 4 years I have not trained with any type of suppose structure. Belts wrists elbows knees nothing at all.

Before setting out on my pursuit of muscle. I had 2 major injuries going in. I torn meniscus right knee and a herniated disc in my lower back.

Within the last few weeks I have developed aches in my knees and back.

One time the morning following a work out last week this knee buckled when getting up in the morning. I almost fell down the stairs. Having your leg give out on you is not a good sign.

I have not had time to see a Dr or anything due to schedule and work. And also he is a bit of a jerk and would tell me to stop working out as he frowns on it due to the excessive gain in mass in the past 4 years that he tells me is unhealthy. "smirks yah right"

So for giggles I tried a belt and front squats everything is fine and normal in my back, but the aches in the knees are still there. With a grinding sound that is a little more pronounced then before.

Would a knee wrap be good to consider under these conditions? But only for deads squats and leg presses.


Wouldn't bother with wraps on deads because you tend not to use all that much knee flexion. Plus the bar can hitch on the wrap.

Also wouldn't use them on the leg presses. I mostly use leg presses as a way to get some leg work in when I'm de-loading and wouldn't do them all that heavy anyway.

For squats they will probably help. The deeper you squat, the more they will help you both with increasing load and pain reduction.

I'd also recomend getting a doctor who you trust. You obviously don't respect his opinion when it comes to training, so find someone who you are comfortable taking advice from. Find someone with experience working with athletes. Since you're noticing a grinding sound, an MRI is probably in order.


Finding a Dr here in Ontario is easier said then done. Good Dr's are hard to find.

They all leave and become yanks and plastic surgeons jk!