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Knee Wraps - Phantoms and Lilliebridges

Right now I’m using Titan Signature Golds, I think something at least equally thick but just with a little more stretch might be better and I hear these are both good wraps. I just don’t want to spend a bunch of money to try them and then realize they are no better than what I have now. Does anyone know how they would compare to Sig Golds or the red Slingshots?

@Reed - I hear you hate Phantoms, how come? The only bad review I ever heard. What’s wrong with them?

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I’m obviously not Reed, but I believe they are a bit thin.

Really? On the General Leathercraft site they have a chart that compares different wraps and according to them the Phantoms are the thickest. The other day I had the opportunity to examine a pair or their Commanders aka Convicts and I would say they are very similar to sig golds, maybe a little thinner but I didn’t have mine to compare and supposedly they are way thinner than the phantoms.

I know Reed like EliteFTS super heavies, are those just insanely thick or what?

Super thick. Like holy shit balls thick.

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That’s exactly the info I was looking for, thanks. Something like the slingshots but thicker is exactly what I want. Unless someone else has another reason why one of the two is better than the other I will just go ahead and order both and see what I like better. There is a review on the site saying that the phantoms have more rebound than the Lilliebridges but who knows. For this upcoming meet I’m going to stick with my current wraps since there’s only a few weeks to go but I will try those out in the near future.

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@chris_ottawa if you buy the red slingshots, the cheapest place where i found them for canadians were the bodybuilding.com canada site. Only wrap ive owned but used sbd and elitefts normal, and I like the slingshots the most.

I have those already and that’s the same place I bought them but I don’t particularly like them. Titan Signature Golds are better, at least for me.

What about just the heavies? I have the wrist wraps, and the material seems like it would be pretty good.

I would buy a pair, but the material is very similar to another pair of wraps I have (unbreakable annilators), which I really like.

I like the Heavies but I prefer the kraits over the heavies.

The heavies are very stretchy. They work well, can’t say anything negative about them really.

I love the super heavies 10/10 would recommend to friends and family.

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My family saw the back of my knees after wraps and told me I needed to do something different. I don’t think my recommendation would do much for them.

Maybe friends from the gym though.


Do you find they are hard to self-wrap? And hit depth?

I’ll be honest… I don’t think I’ve ever self wrapped in them… I’m spoiled, we have an awesome crew at my gym. That said, although they are stiffer than my red Slingshots, they aren’t THAT much stiffer.

Never had an issue with depth, here’s the bottom of my 606 opener from my last meet. Keep in mind I was wrapped by a 198er with a 1900+ raw total, so yes, it was a tight wrap. That said, as you can see I’m a pretty wide, sit-back type squatter so that really helps with hitting depth in a tight wrap.

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How much thicker are they than the Slingshots? Have you ever used, or at least seen up close, Titan Signature Golds? Any idea how they would compare? I think Pioneer Commander/Convicts are almost exactly the same, if you are familiar with those.

Basically if I could get another revolution out of the Sig Golds I could put another X over my knee which I figure would give me a decent amount more rebound. This next meet I’m doing is WPC so 3m wraps are allowed, maybe for another WPC meet I would get a 3m pair but otherwise I’m stuck with 2.5m so something equally stretchy to the Slingshots but thicker and/or stiffer would probably do it for me.

I’d say they’re probably 20% or so thicker than the Slingshots. Comparing the two wraps cranked really tight, the super heavies are more comfortable. I feel like the Slingshots stretch so much that they get somewhat narrow, making them feel more like a tourniquet than a wrap. The super heavies seem to spread the force of the wrap out over a larger surface area, making them a bit more comfortable.

I think I’ve come across the Pioneer wraps before and felt like they were pretty similar to the super heavies, not 100% confident on that though. Personally, a big selling point for me was that the super heavies are a wrap that, if you can get them tight and withstand the pain, should handle any squats and are significantly more wallet friendly. I think I paid less than $20 for my pair.


That’s half the reason I’m not really into the Slingshots. Titan Sig Golds feel the same way you describe the super heavies, the pain is nothing unbearable. They also have better rebound.

You know what, I was going to go ahead and order from Pioneer but I was going to pay with a Visa debit card and I didn’t realize what the exchange rate was, turns out I was like 8 dollars short in that account. But then I started having second thoughts, partly because this shit is expensive (plus a $35 flat rate international shipping fee, and then customs duties) and if they are like the slingshots I might regret buying them. So here is the question, for you or anybody else:

How much better are the Phantoms or Lilliebridge wraps than the Slingshots? Do you get significantly more rebound out of them?

The other thing, with my Sig Golds I can get 7 revolutions out of them if I wrap as tight as I can but I’m still just doing 6 revs because I don’t want any more wrap behind the knee. If I could get 2 revs that would be perfect, but I don’t know where to but a 7th one. The way I wrap is one rev below the kneecap, one right over, another above, X over the kneecap and then another rev up top and tie it off. Any suggestions on this part?

So I actually noticed this weekend that one of my training partners has a part of Pioneer Convict wraps, so I got to do a side-by-side with my super heavies.

The super heavies are notable thicker, no question. However, I feel like the convicts are actually a bit stiffer. Also, the texture of the convicts felt rougher than the supers. Though I didn’t try them on, I imagine this would make them more uncomfortable when cranked.

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That’s interesting. The Sig Golds have a similar feel in terms of the material being a bit rough, I don’t really find that to be a major issue. The only problem is that after doing a few sets in them the skin on my knees feels all scraped up, but it’s still not as bad as the pinching feeling I get from stretchier and smoother wraps like the slingshots. They have more of an “even tension” sort of feel like how you described the Super Heavies.

I’m still contemplating my next move and I don’t want to waste a bunch of money. I hear the SBD “competition” wraps are thicker and stiffer than the Sig Golds, I can also get them for about half the price of any Pioneer wraps. It seems like I could go two directions, either something a little bit stretchier or something even stiffer. I’m willing to take some extra discomfort if it means more weight on the bar.

Entirely too stretchy, too thin, no stopping power, rough as hell material, extremely uncomfortable for moderate at best carry over. In my opinion. They are very high on my list of least reccomended wraps. Lots of people like them but unless you are a med close stance dive bomb squatter I think there are alot of better choices and even if you do squat like that there are more comfortable wraps with very close to the same if not more rebound

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