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Knee Wraps for Squatting?


Currently my knees feel fine, but I am reluctant go heavy since I don't use wraps for my knees. Has anyone had any use with them and/or suggest a brand to get?


I do have knee issues. Have just started using the Rebhand knee sleeves, per Mr. Robertson's recommendation. So far, so good...



Started using wraps when I hit 45 years old and use them for anything over 300 lbs. Personally, I like Titan wraps.


I'm forty-six, and I still squat heavy. (for me at least) I use correct technique in the box, front, and back squats. I would like to use some knee wraps, but the people I see use them cannot be doing them up right. How do you wrap knees so that the wrap actually is helpful and supportive? (Pictures anyone?)


I'm no expert & I've seen it done various ways. For me, they key is making them tight. In fact, the heavier I go, the tighter I tend to wrap. As far as technique, I wrap a couple of times below the knee, then start crossing diagonally behind and in front of the knee, ending with a couple of wraps above the knee. When I'm done, the wraps typically make an X on either side of my kneecap. For me, this seems to work better than just going around and around until you run out of wrap.


The way I was taught in my tapeing and splint fabrication class was to start 4-6 inchs above the knee , rap twice to get a good base then go down and around at a slight angle and then back around as if just wraping it horizontaly and repat untill you run out of rap which should be about half way down your gastrocnemius . This was for a injured knee to keep in from hyper extending but It has worked well for supporting my knees .


OK, I'm an idiot... What's a gastrocnemius?


I like using Neoprene Knee and elbow sleeves for my last set or two. The main problem with them is that you can't get them on and off over your shoes. Thus the reason most people in gyms were them the whole workout. Which is wrong unless your rehabbing an injury I guess. since I train in my home it's easy to do a few sets, take off your shoes and put the sleeves on, do a heavy set then take the shoes off and resume the workout without them. In a commercial Gym most people don't want you taking your shoes on and off. So wraps make more sense.


using knee wraps actually helped me get over a plateu, i used them all last year until i started going 700lbs for more than 20 reps.
and after my last recovery break. i usually break for 7 days after a hard cycle.

i quit using them. i however do not believe that i could have done it without using knee wraps. they gave me a sense of security.
i've also read that they help keep your knees warm "very important"


I'm 46. Never had any knee problems other than occassional soreness/stiffness. I just warm-up good and work my weight up in about 10% increments from an empty 45# bar to my lift weight. I put my belt on once I go over 300# and wrap the knees at 400#. I use Inzer wraps -- the red and black ones.




Here's a video explaining how to wrap knees.

It's under the "Squat Assists" when you scroll down and the link is named "knee wrap video".



Leg press right? Or calf raises? You surely can't mean squats can you?