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Knee Wraps for Non-Competitors


Opinions? My thinking was that I could work up to a max single without them, then put them on and try to get a few more pounds out of them. This wouldn't be a very frequent thing (I max out about once a month), but my thought is that handling the extra weight might carry over to my raw squat. I would appreciate any insight from anyone who has experience using them.


Maxing out once per month sounds a lot to me!

Anyway you'd be better off putting the wraps on before you get to max poundage towards the end of you warm up, the reason being that putting the wraps on can throw your for off a little if your not used to them. Obviously this is the last thing you want with max weights, a couple of sets will get you in the groove.


Knee wraps are great IMO. Yes, you will get some lbs out of them but they will also help protect your knees if you squat often. For me, anything that keeps me healthy and training is a plus. I don't use them everytime I squat for what it's worth.

If you want to see what you get out of them I would work up to 80% or so of your projected max then put them on and try for a triple. Then you can get a feel and keep working up in weight. Good luck, have fun. Let us know how it goes.



Knee wraps would be a good choice if you are looking for some support on the occasional max effort attempt; just make sure that you know how to use them properly.

For general gym training I prefer to wear knee sleeves. These provide some compression and warmth but will not give you a lot of carryover on your lifts if that is what you are looking for. You can pick up a good pair for $25-45 from APT Pro Wrist Straps. They have their own brand and also sell the Tommy Kono brand if you want neoprene ones (Tommy Kono is a champion olympic weightlifter who designed the sleeves).

As others mentioned I would test out the knee wraps on a mangeable weight to start so that you can get a feel for them, and then build up from there. Most people are able to get 35-50+ lbs out of knee wraps when worn properly.


Thanks, all, for the helpful responses. I'll take your collective advice and try putting them on before my max sets.


I don't see how they can provide any protection to the knees beyond what you would get from knee sleevs. The extra pressure from the wraps would be damaging, if anything. The only good reason I can think of why a person would wear knee wraps would be to lift heavier weights and de-emphasize their quads. As a raw squatter, I never wear them.


do you ever wear sleeves tho? just curious. i'm a little worried about my knees and i'm thinking of trying out sleeves


No, but I don't have anything against them. Try them and see what you think.


I use some neoprene sleeves from Walgreens and they do wonders. I wear them the whole workout from warmups to last rep and after set one or two my knees are golden. They don't give much support but they do keep the join warm.


You don't see how they can provide any protection because you have never worn them. I personally don't put my wraps on super tight. In my experience, they take a lot of stress off the knee when you are at the bottom of the lift.


i wear knee wraps on all my heavier squats, back and front. ive had several knee surgeries and the joints just arent as stable/strong to handle the weight anymore. during the colder months i do wear sleeves throughout, they help with keeping the knee 'warm/loose'. When i had healthy knees i only wore wraps for the super heavy days, otherwise it was raw


I have in fact worn them. I used to compete in geared powerlifting.

I have revised my opinion. There may be some application for them, the same as with a lifting belt. Especially in an injured lifter. However, I still think that chronic use is counterproductive because wraps prevent the connective tissue in the knees from becoming stronger.


Update: tried using knee wraps last night. Major fail. It just felt like the circulation to my legs was getting cut off.


Is there a point to wearing wraps if you don't have pre-existing knee injuries? I mean other than adding some pounds to your squat?

Can training with knee wraps actually boost your raw, wrap-less squat?


bcigun, you'll get used to it. Are you wrapping you knees yourself or is someone wrapping them for you?

I have some APT constrictors and they can get very tight, but after getting used to them and breaking them in, I feel they could get tighter. You'll get used to it.

What brand did you use?

Froggbuster, the positive side of a raw lifter using knee wraps is that his/her body will get used to handling heavier poundages in general. How to incorporate the use of wraps into a wrap workout to simply stimulate a stronger 100% raw squat is beyond me as I don't train that way, but its an a different way at achieving the same goal. Diversity in methods is not a bad thing if your body has to compensate and in effect, get stronger.

Honestly, I don't think you need wraps until a certain point in your workout. What that point is is determined up to you. Before I injured my back, I was lifting fairly heavy and I can give an example of where I added wraps to give you guys an idea.

45x10, 185x5, 320x5, 385x4, 440x3

To this point, I used squat briefs only, no belt (I know this doesn't apply to you guys, but just giving a context).

505x3x5 added wraps and a belt

My point is that once you get familiar with wraps, don't use them on anything below a certain weight. There's no point in lifting 70% of your max w/ wraps. I'd say nothing below 80%, and that depends on what your max is and how close 90% is to 80%. Its all relative, but you'll figure out a use for it. Just don't rely on them if you plan on staying raw.

Good luck.


some ppl wrap there knees at 135 and up, and if you use them to their max potential they will hurt, you must take them off after each set immediately because of loss of cirrculation. IF i use knees wraps on my three works sets or w/e i do that day, the compression on the knees makes them feel good the whole workout. YOu should get around 40-70 pounds depending on experience and how u wrap them.
id say use them as they will allow you to lift more wieght which = grow!


I've found a full wrap cut in half and wrapped under your knee does wonders for knee pain. Like in this vid; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7mwCOpyfDA


Synthetic - I was using APT Black Reapers. I wrapped them myself after watching APT's Youtube vid, and I think I did a pretty decent job (if I do say so myself). Perhaps I was a little overzealous, though. I think my mistake was doing all of my planned work sets first, which left me pretty fatigued.
Thanks for your input.


Han thats a pretty good idea. Not too bad raw squatting too, how much band tension was on there?


Dunno... average band and light band... 180-200lb maybe?