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Knee Wraps for Deadlift?


Is there any reason to use knee wraps for deadlift? Most people don't, but I do see it on occasion. I'd suppose that it depends on your pulling style, but how much could you get out of knee wraps? Hell, if I get ten pounds out of wearing them, I'll do it, so long as my federation allows it.

For reference, here's the pulling style I use (sometimes I use a slightly narrower stance):

That is on my all-time best deadlift. Would using wraps help even a tiny bit? Thanks for the input.


I started using them lately because my knee has had all kinds of problems. I went from 505 to 555, but I don't think that was a function of the knee wraps. So, I guess I'm curious to hear what some experienced people have to say as well.


I have kind of long legs, so my knees come forward at the bottom of a deadlift and the wraps force them back which made the pull harder in my opinion, but if I was to get my hamstrings stronger and change my pulling style a bit (which I am sure will happen eventually) or if I was pulling in gear I think I might get something out of them, but not really sure.

Short answer is I tried it and didn't like it. You should just try it and see.


You can use them in the IPF but the wrap can't touch the top of your sock. I've seen people use them from time to time and have tried them in training. I didn't like them because 1) I hate wraps and 2) any lift I got from using them was offset by the drag created by pulling my hands over the wraps. However, I would reconsider because I pull sumo and it's hard on my knees.


So if you don't wear socks, there's not really any restriction? I keep the bar a little farther away from me, so drag isn't really an issue.


Also in IPF meets you are required to wear knee socks so you wouldn't be able to pull them up to their highest. Next time I watch a meet, I'll have to pay attention to how people manage this. More people are using knee sleeves as well now because of the stress on the joint.

I don't know what other feds do.


Couple of quick thoughts on this..1) the bar will most likely drag against the wrap (if you're pulling properly) creating more friction on the way up 2) The wraps may make you prematurely lock your legs leaving you in the precarious position of doing a stiff leg deadlift.

Try it with light weight and see what happens.


Well, I've done it with 555. But again, I don't drag the bar along my shins. You can argue that isn't correct technique, but I believe Stormthebeach pulls that way and he DLs 800+.