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Knee Wraps 2m or 2.5m

Hey guys,

Following up on my last knee wraps thread:

Next meet will be my first meet and also my first in wraps.

I’ve been practicing in 2m Inzer Iron Zs but have been told that there are better wraps that I can upgrade to once I’m used to squatting in wraps.

My question is on whether I should be upgrading to 2m or 2.5m wraps. I’ve glanced through the GPC Australia rulebook and they allow 2.5m wraps less sure about other feds but I think they allow 2.5 also @MarkKO pls confirm.

Anyways I’m not a massive guy at 5’7 and the 2m do the job it’d be nice to spiral all the way up and down again (I think). Is longer better for wraps or are there other considerations?

Pretty sure CAPO allows 2.5 but you’d want to check the rulebook. GPC definitely.

If you’re allowed 2.5, use 2.5. Why give away an advantage? More wraps means more pop.


Get 2.5m’s for sure, 2m doesn’t really provide much coverage. Some feds allow 3m, that can bee too much for a lot of people but 2.5 is basically the standard wrap length outside of the IPF.