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Knee Wrapping Above a Certain Weight


I was doing squats in the gym the other day, when a guy asked me why I don't wrap my knees when I go beyond 315. He said that everyone he knew did this as a matter of course. I do not currently have problems with my knees. Should I still be wrapping at any point?

I am mostly a recreational lifter; but, my wife is trying to get me to do a powerlifting competition with her in April. Thus, I will be maxing out then, something I haven't done in 10 years.

Also, if I do decide to compete, should I wear a belt? I have not worn one in 10 years as well.

Are belts and wraps still considered "raw"?


Depends on which fed you're lifting in.

I think wrap usage depends on your max honestly. If I maxed at 405 w/ wraps, I'd be using them with lighter weights. If I maxed at say 600 w/ wraps, why would I add them at 315? Maybe at 500 or so? All depends on how you train.

Matt Kroczaleski never uses wraps, so don't worry about this joker. What the norm is to him isn't relevant to your training.


Wraps are not allowed in most raw feds. Belts are always allowed.

If your knees don't bother you, there is no reason to use knee wraps. I never used them for that reason but now that I have gotten into powerlifting I'm using them on everything over 405.


Good squatting shouldn't hurt the knees anyways. On heavy ones use as precautionary.


Just wear knee sleeves...


Dont even worry about wrapping your knees. Drop depth and begin to use a belt. works great for me


some feds do, just check out the rules on the fed you are going to be lifting in or do a fed comparison on powerliftingwatch.com, i have wraps but don't normally wear them during workouts, if i'm close to my max or doing heavy box squats i'll put them on but otherwise i don't worry about it. definitely use a belt


I wish you would stop getting all over these boards and pimping your gear-whore shannergans. Don't you know wraps destroy your knees, belts make your spine an unstable toothpick of porous bone and shirts and suits give you the gay rage?


Even technically perfect squating can cause wear and tear which can eventually produce injuries.

The guy that the OP mentions in his post obviously dosn't know much about anything! There is no set weight to start wrapping knees if indeed you ever need too. A decent pair of knee sleeves (ie ATP sleeves) will do the job of helping protect the knees. Or a pair of knee wraps put on loose.

However if your knees are fine I wouldn't worry. If you are; knee sleeves.