Knee Wrap Selection

I’m competing this weekend in the raw classic division but I plan to do my next meet with wraps. Ordinarily I would wait to ask this question but there are some sales going on this week so I want to jump on that. For those who lift in wraps: what kind do you use or suggest? I’m a first time wrap user who trains alone and would be wrapping myself. Does it really matter what kind I buy? FWIW the fed I compete in requires wraps to be under 3 m in length and 3 inches in width, but obviously thats something I can note myself when purchasing. Thanks all.

It’s really a personal choice. For a first pair you may be better off with something softer, because stiffer stiffer wraps are a) way more uncomfortable if not downright painful; and b) stiffer wraps are considerably harder to wrap.

For what it’s worth I wrap my own knees and only use wraps close to a meet and prefer stiff wraps now, but when I started using wraps I preferred them softer.

I like the red Slingshot wraps, but they’re relatively stiff. I haven’t used the blue ones, but I have a blue Reactive Slingshot and I understand the material is the same and I think that they may well be a very good first wrap. I would avoid Inzer Iron Zs, which I had at first, but that’s just me.

Thanks Mark. So the blue slingshot wraps are softer you think?

Yes, absolutely - at least based on how the Reactive Slingshot feels.

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elitefts heavies are my go to in a meet when i compete in wraps

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Elitefts Super Heavies are the best any day of the week. Have yet to find one that comes close. Love everything it is perfect for me.

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Thanks @Reed. EFS actually had the sale going when I made the thread. I ended up going with Inzer Grippers though after heavy persuasion from the guys at outlaws :grin: … I have yet to try them out … Will keep the heavies in mind for the future.

Shittiest wrap of all time in my opinion lol. Hopefully you like them.

Haha well shit … I’ve got nothing to compare em to and have never used a knee wrap before so we’ll see. Why do you feel that way? Just curious - I’m 11 weeks out so its not too late to abort in case I end up agreeing with you.

They have absolutely no stopping power and rebound is sad. They cast but, they just are a very very very poor wrap. Unless you are Squatting sub 300 they just aren’t worth a damn carry over wise.

I accidentally ordered two pairs (by selecting quantity: 2, thinking i was ordering two wraps). Maybe I’ll return one and order another so I can compare. All the EFS guys have recommended the Kraits but I’ll check out the superheavies as well. I have to wrap myself if that matters.

If you have to wrap your self I’d look at the Heavies. The kraits I didn’t like at all. Super Heavies are hands down the best but unless you have an awesome grip they can be taxing to put on your self.

@Reed thanks man. I’m having information overload with these wraps… I kind of expected them to be like squat shoes → aka whatever you’re comfortable with it doesn’t matter. I guess that is not the case

This also describes Inzer Iron Zs.

@Reed I hope one day you get to have a go with Harris True Cast wraps. I got given a pair and I like them a lot, super stiff. Great rebound. Admittedly, I squat around 200 lbs less than you.