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Knee Update


In june i underwent microfrature surgery on my right knee. Basically the procedure involves scooping out the remains of my cartilage, and than drilling a whole in my knee to allow for the stem cells in my bone marrow to make for new cartilage. Well i was supposed to avoid running/weights for 6 months.

However due to sport, i had to resume running in september. I could run, but i had pain after. I now, in january have constant pain and cannot even squat my own bodyweight, meaning i cant just squat down , even just doing the motion.

Im 20 years old and this is quite a serious matter to me. What is going on? I was hoping some sports medicine contributors like dr.ryan could shed some insight on what to do next or what i can do to heal or what to expect. Thanks.

Anyways after running stais i believed i twisted my knee has it hurt about 10mins after than became very swollen the next day and no over a week and a half later its still swollen im starting to think i didnt twist it.. ideas?


help? yes i know im dumb, just want input, i think i may need it drained.