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Knee Trouble (Probably Tendonitis)


For the past 2 or so months I've been having trouble with my right knee. Basically it hurts at the top of the patella and all the way 1-2 inches towards the thigh. The pain gets worse the more time I'm training and especially squatting heavy. In fact the pain is worse if I'm squatting with the weight on my heels and I keep a tight back arch and go straight up and down. Instead if I keep it towards the ball of the feet and kind of "good morning" the squat it feels better.

I've tried icing it, stretching, I'm taking omega 3s, I've started adding glutamine to the protein shake after workouts and I've actually rested it completely for the past 10 days(was sick so didn't work out) and I'm not seeing any improvement.


Have you tried any type of self-myofascial release techniques with a foam roller? Or even better, gone to see a manual/soft tissue therapist?


Yep been doing that too. My coach is very good at it. What worries me most is that after 10 days of rest it hasn’t gotten any better. If I saw it getting better then I wouldn’t worry about it, I’d just keep doing all that stuff.