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Knee Tingles After Stupid Squat

I lost tighness while squatting last Friday and so had to muscle the bar up. My legs went in all kinds of crazy directions. I think I also leaned way too forward, as my right knee felt “something” afterwards. I went ahead with the rest of my squating for the day without any trouble.

Afterwards, my right knee started getting that sensation of pins and needles. Now, 5 days in, my knee feels fine if I’m sitting for a while, but the pins and needles plus slight twinges of something that barely approaches “1” on the pain scale comes if I stand for a while.

The part that confuses me is that I can do just about every physical activity without any problem. In fact, it feels better while I’m squatting. I feel more pressure while bench-pressing or OHP than I do while squatting.

That’s why I’m not sure what to do here. I’m pretty sure I injured something, but given that I can do just about every activity except standing for a period of time without feeling much in the knees, I don’t know whether I should be giving the knee time to rest or keep trucking along.

Anyone have a similar experience who can give me some advice?

Thanks much.

If the pain is less than a “1” and it doesn’t hurt when you squat, what are you worried about?

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I Don’t think you injured anything yet. Sounds like your you legs are uber tight or your knee stablizers are not functioning properly.Start doing lunges and getting your glutes to fire
Check this out maybe it may help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZslvYy44xUs.
Where exactly is the pain? The inner, outer or just all over?
The pain I get is my inner knee but that is from me not stretching my quads

Well, what this indicates to me personally is not a knee problem at all. Tingly, pins and needles kind of feeling is usually one thing and one thing only: nerve-y junk. Given that this isn’t really “pain”, you say this feeling worsens when you stand and when you bench press or OHP but goes away when you sit or squat. What this indicates to me is the following:

In my opinion it is likely your hips or low back is out more than a knee. I suppose it could also be a femoral alignment issue pressing on the sciatic nerve as well in certain positions. But you

  • get extension based tingly “pain” and

  • do NOT get flexion based tingly pain and

  • are able to function normally in pretty much all ways with no major issues.

To me this says that something is impinging or pressing on a nerve somewhere when your spine is extended, specifically lumbar region of the spine. Standing is more extension than sitting, especially as most people sit slouched or hunched over, and overhead pressing is very extended for most people. Benching more extended still. You are bracing the spine hard in the squat, probably keeping it more neutral than arched, which is probably the genesis of your feeling good/tingle free in the squat

The trick is the other “not quite 1 ‘something’ else” you feel. My intuition says the knee itself doesn’t need much except some time away from super heavy squats…like say for single leg work. And you need to prioritize ab work, both flexion and anti-extension (plank, ab roll outs) for a while in both frequency and volume, but I would give the overall priority to anti-extension. You also need to seriously strengthen your glutes, AND your glute medius (the outside of the hip, that X band walks make burn). This I agree with. I also think you may just benefit from stretching the hip flexors as well since they may be playing a part in the fiasco. The warning here would be to keep your low back absolutely flat while you stretch them, so that involves bracing the abs and glutes hard as well during the hip flexor stretches.

You might very well benefit from a chiropractor appointment. If it’s just a misalignment caused by the wild squat it probably can be fixed with an adjustment. I would still hammer away at these things though, so that the adjustment isn’t pissing into the wind.

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The pain migrates, but is mostly in the inner knee.

Thanks. I definitely have a misaligned body. My left shoulder is higher than the right, and vice versa. It could well be that my attempt to muscle the weight up did something to my hip, hence the tingly crap. The almost “1” pain is probably nothing serious as long as I don’t go do dumb shit.

I will work more on my core and my glutes. I’ve been meaning to add a shit-ton more of those to my daily routine anyhow.



lifting weights, even when done with perfect form, causes inflammation and wear-and-tear. A little discomfort is to be expected.

It’s when it becomes chronic, or serious pain, that you need to do something about it.