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Knee Tendonitits Workout

I have developed tendonitis in both of my knees. I have tried advil, COX-2 inhibitors, rest, ice, and cortisone injections…no long-term success. Anyone recommend a workout that might help me?

I am just getting over my tend in my right knee. I went to a physical therapist for my problem. One of the main problems was the tight hip flexors. I would recommend stretching the hip flexors at least twice a day. Also my therapist did deep tissue on my quad and hip flexors. By the way the hip flexor deep tissue SUCKS!!! That and REST. I didn’t lift lower body for about 4-5 weeks. I didn’t do any lifting because i do not have any muscle imbalances so strengthening of those areas wasn’t an issue. If you do have an issue on one side you might strengthen that area. So rest and stretch those The hip flexors and hamstrings for awhile and continue with the advil or whatever and if it still doesn’t get better I would see a therapist to get rid of it.