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Knee/Tendon Pain Doing Deads

Saturday I was doing 10x4 deads with 80% of my 1RM. On about the 6th or 7th set I started experiencing some pain along the tendon that runs on the along the rear and outside of my right knee. Everytime that I would start the pull the pain would flare up.

I started feeling the same pain again lastnight while warming up for softball practice. Anyone have any suggestions on what might have caused this?

Another thing that I noticed was that when doing muliple reps on the deads I start doing SLD’s on the third rep. Not sure if this played a role since I didn’t experience any discomfort during that portion of the lift.

Try to get your knees out over the bar and your butt closer to the ground at the beginning of each lift.

Try to make sure that you can feel the lift in your butt more so than your back and hamstrings.


What movements bother you right now?

The biceps femoris (hamstring) tendon ties in on the postero-lateral portion of the knee. Outside of that the ITB is the furthest lateral.

Any follow-up info would help me provide more pertinent info.

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To go along with what doc said, I’ve seen issues with the calves and popliteus there as well. That postero-lateral area can be tough to diagnose, but good luck.

Stay strong

I agree with Mike. That’s why it is improtant to know what movements/positions/exercises are bothering it. That might point to the offending structure.