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Knee Tendon Issue -


Diagnosed with tendon "moving off track" over knee cap. I didn't catch the proper name of the diagnosis. Knee area very painful to the touch but no diminishment of strength or pain of movement. Anyone experience anything similar? Experiences? Gets better? My doctor says the cure is worse than the problem (cortisone, surgery). Thanks


Patellofemoral syndrome? There's a couple of different knee injuries which involve the kneecap maltracking. I think it's typical injury protocol (NSAIDS, ice, rest) until pain dissipates and normal activity can be resumed. Had you increased your training frequency lately, or been neglecting to stretch and maintain good soft-tissue quality? To avoid it happening again once you've healed up, focus on improving the quality of the muscles in your legs with foam-rolling and stretching, as well as strenghtening your VMO (vastus medialis oblique, which maintains a medial pull on the kneecap, preventing maltracking) which can be done via various exercises (e.g. terminal knee extensions.) Also, make sure your glute strength is up to par, particularly your g. medius.


Thanks, it did seem to appear as I stepped up the leg work with heavier (volume) squats and lunges. I'll ask the doctor as that sounds familiar, but I tend to let diagnosis names go in one ear and out the other. appreciate suggestions very much.