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Knee Surgery

after undergoing miniscul repair and microfracture surgery (june 1st) i can run short distances and squat very little (just the bar). However i am done physiotherapy as my quad had atrophied but through hard work i did what my therapist said “i achieved in 6 weeks what she hopes most of her patients achieve in 6 months” i have a solid athletic background and am a all canadian runningback.

Also i have lifted weights for many years so i supposed that helped. Now my question is, im 3 months into a 6 month recovery and am taking glucosomine + chondroitin and MSM. Now the doc says i should be perfect to go in 3 more months and not to run until that time, just to continue swimming and biking. But doctors usually give a much longer recovery time than needed, so im wondering how long do the t-mag contributors say i have till i can really stress it running/lifting as i currently in college and need to be able to run.


Leave it, dude. You don’t want to reinjure your knee adn spend another year out. I just had an ACL reconstruction (about 9 weeks post op now) and although I do tend to think I could recover before the docs say I should, I’m aware that they’re orthopaedic specialists and not just GPs.

Like someone else said on here, the most challenging thing about knee surgery are the mental challenges you face. Good luck!