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Knee Surgery Rebound?


so today i was limping around at work cause i did quads the other day and someone is like why are you limping, your too young to limp blah blah. and im like well, my legs hurt and my knee gives in when i walk. then the woman was like yeah that happened to me too, knee-hyperextension, i had surgery three times.

so i asked her about it a few different times like if id be able to lift again and she said they encourage you to lift...but like lifting to make something work again and then being able to lift BBing style at 100% are two different things.

so anyway i wonder if A) any of you had it done and what the rebound was like and B) if i should risk having the surgery


Surgery on/for what? What structural damage is there?


idk man, im just guessing i got the same shit that lady had since she had the same symptons. i guess they do some kind of stuff with that ball thing on the knee.

i obviously dont know what much about it but i thought you guys would know what i was talkin about from the description but i guess not.


You're considering surgery for DOMS?


Avoid surgery whenever possible. Recovery is NOT FUN.


Pretty sure it's mostly brain damage.


not from DOMS, that makes zero sense.

my right knee "gives in" i dont know how else to explain it. it happens whether or not i have DOMS but when i dont have DOMS its much much rarer. its like my quads dont have the support to make up for it or something because theyre recovering


Get stronger quads? My husband blew out his ACL and they couldn't figure it out based on the normal wiggle the lower leg type test because his quads were so strong.

I think it is ludicrous that some random woman, who probably doesn't even train, had knee surgery, and this has made you think you need surgery. Maybe ask a doctor?


I've had major and minor knee surgery and always came back from it close to 100%.

My last major was in 1982 including a tendon graft. The rehab included a lot of knee exercises to strengthen it back up. Minor (scope clean up) surgery was a lot faster for me to recover from, a matter of a few weeks and I was back to my old routine.

But do get a proper medical diagnosis first. If you can still workout, get one of those braces found in sports or drug stores. It will add support and make life easier for you in just getting around.



I had knee surgery two and a half weeks ago. They removed two chunks of floating cartilage [they kept calling them loose bodies] and scraped under the kneecap.

The knee is still swollen and there's still some pain, but I worked up to 265 for a set of four on squats this passed wednesday, exactly two weeks and a day after surgery. Not sure if that was either smart or practical, but I did it, and it felt damn good.

For the record they told me I shouldn't do anything for around a month, but this was before they told me I was way ahead of the curve in terms of recovery.


i dont get what that means, leg wiggle test? well when i was in the mirror earlier (yes i was IN the mirror) i was holding onto my upper quad and shaking it and my knee was moving it w/ it but it didnt happen when i did the same thing with the left knee and my left knee never gives out.


Forgive me for not knowing the technical term.

From about.com:

Pivot Shift Test
The pivot shift test is a difficult maneuver to perform on a patient who is not under anesthesia. This test places a stress on the knee joint that forces a subluxation (partial dislocation) in patients who do not have an ACL. This test recreates the type of instability that caused the ACL injury.

Didn't dislocate on him, they misdiagnosed a sprain.

Regardless. If you think you have a knee problem, go see a doctor. It is a waste of time (and I have no idea why I'm wasting mine on this thread) to ask people on the interwebz when your description isn't exactly precise.


I've had 4 knee surgeries. Two of which were complete acl recontructions. Recovery is terrible. Not fun at all. However, I'd like to believe I've bounced back to near 100%.

As PMPM said, the pivot shift test, done by your orthopedic should notify of any major ACL problems. Then an MRI would take place to confirm.

However, if you would have injured something major in your knee, you would have felt it happen. Good luck though, your first step should be making an appointment to your Orthopedic for a check up.


Go see a doctor. In all likelihood he will want to amputate mid-thigh. Rebound will be a bitch guaranteed.

Seriously man, how long has it been doing this? Just since the other day? Did you injure it at some time before this?

If it doesn't stop giving out on you within a week, go see a physical therapist or orthopedic doc, don't listen to that chick at work, did she go to medical school? Remember, most people are amazingly ignorant with respect to health, exercise and nutrition.


I have had three total reconstructions. You don't want surgery. The best thing that ever happend to my knee was weight lifting. The bigger muscles help support it. I have no acl in either knee. I prefer that over another surgery.