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Knee Stability

I tore my ACL last summer, but I did not have surgery. I was still training normally throughout the school year with squats and deads, but had to lay off sports. My knee gave out quite a few times during the year and recently it gave out on me pretty bad again and I tore some cartilage. I just had the arthoscopy to fix the cartilage a few days ago. He was going to fix the ACL but when he went in with the scope it was not completely torn as shown on the MRI. It is about 75% torn. My question is, Is it possible to strengthen my knee enough with physical therapy and maybe other techniques I am not aware of to be able to have adequate knee stability for sports and such with a 75% ACL tear? or will I mos likely have to get the surgery to fix it?

I had a complete ACL tear three years ago and had it repaired and have since managed to recover fully, play two excellent seasons of college football and break prs in the squat, so remember you can come back from an ACL replacement. At 75% torn, the ACL is pretty much useless from what my doctor told me and it would need to be replaced eventually for stability. However, there are people who played many years sans-ACL, Tony Siragusa played and entire career in the NFL without one. If you wear a brace and do some rehab work you might be able to function fully, but you will still be somewhat limited in the gym. Also consider that with a compromised ACL the rest of your ligaments will be absorbing more of the strain and that means potentially injuring them. Best of luck!