Knee Stability

Hello to one and all. Quick question to all of you heavy squatters, I am looking to increase firstly my knee stability but more importantly I am looking to increase the thickness of all my tendons and ligaments. While that may sound redundant, lets face the facts that without strong well lubed joints you wont be able to increase your squat. What I want to know is not what exercise will do this because everyone knows the ultimate leg exercise is the squat. But what i need to know is what stance in your opinion will help induce such growth in the joints? Hmm that was pretty vague… I know that a lot of people will respond but stating that “just keep squatting and everything will be fine you can do it”. That is true and i respect that training hard and you see results but lets think about it does a lat pull down do the same thing as wide grip pull ups, all things manage some major difference in both muscular development as well as stability (Balance is really important to me). So what does T-Nation think, thankz for the help guys.

heavier loads stress the joints and ligaments more as well as the nervous system. Higher reps are good for more bloodflow and rehab work, but low reps, high weight are what strengthen the body’s structure the most.

If your worried about balance in both legs, then do some form of weighted lunges. For variety’s sake on squats, do front squats one day and back squat another!!!

single leg stuff:

bulgarian split squats, free single leg squats, single leg deadlift variations, step ups, lunges

thankz for the post guys

gi2eg is right, these movements will strengthen the glute and VMO which are very important knee stabiliazers.