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Knee Sleeves


I have never used knee sleeves but the meet I am doing in April is knee sleeves only. Which one of these sleeves would be better? They are both 7mm thick, thanks for the help.

Original Rehband Knee Support
Quest Knee Sleeves


I'd go for the Original Rehbands because they have obviously proven their worth throughout all strength athletics, no matter the goal. I have nothing against Quest, they make quality products (I have a bar from them).

I tried to look at the Quest sleeves in order to get a visual and price comparison, but their site is registering system errors on my computer.


tommy kono knee sleaves are good too


Agreed, the tommy kono sleeve are great, but the inside is rubbery and pulls my leg hairs when I put them on, but they're so warm that I don't mind it much.


Ah yes, the Tommy Kono depilatory devices.


I like the sleeves I received from Elite FTS.


have them inside out on your calves, then pull them up simultaneously pulling them the right way out


I have Inzer knee sleeves. Love them. They're pretty stiff even without wrenching down the velcro straps.

Are these legal in your fed?



no there not, i wish. I am stuck between the Elite Heavys or the APT Convict sleeves.


About how much weight can someone expect to get out of these when they are on tight?

10-20 lbs?


I have both and there is not a whole lot different between the two as far as I can tell. I would get two pairs of whichever you choose. One pair to train in before the meet and one to use the day of the meet. They tend to stretch out a little over time, not much but a little. The 5 extra pounds you get out of a brand new pair could be the difference between a meet PR and missing a lift sometimes.


I have the Elite Super Heavys... I'd skip them but the heavys should be great. The super heavys are such a pain to get on (mine may be a bit small but fuck it, I'll pull for five minutes to get them up) and they give me great support, too bad they are not allowed in my next comp.


Try the convicts in the size suggested to you on the APT site.

You're probably going to lose all your leg hair... AND your lower legs before the firefighters manage to cut through the sleeves. That is, if you can manage to put them on at all. Who needs CoC grippers if you have convict sleeves...

They take longer to get on and off than a hypothetical 90 ply shirt, and cause significantly more discomfort.



Get the Rehbands. I've hand two pairs, and I recommend them. The Inzer, Elite FTS, and APT's aren't legal in every federation.