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Knee Sleeves


I'll be lifting in the USAPL in college. They don't allow knee wraps for raw lifters, only sleeves. It's not clear in their rulebook whether knee sleeves need technical committee approval or not. Does anybody know if they need approval or if one can just wear any knee sleeve?

Also, can someone tell me where to find sleeves like these?


They are the old style Rehbands




Just get Rehbands. They are aweome.


ive got APT single ply convict sleeves, i think theyre great. USAPL legal


Thanks for the replies everyone. And thanks for the link jakjak.

Any thoughts on the efs super heavy knee sleeves?


I have a pair of the efs heavy sleeves. They are great but, Im gonna buy a pair of the blue rehbands cause I feel like they could offer more warmth. I had a pair of a rehbands back in 07 but they do not fit me anymore so I gave them to a buddy.


USAPL just released their latest edition of powerlines news letter http://www.usapowerlifting.com/newsletter/2010/USAPL_Powerlines_August10.pdf

I believe on page 3 they talk about knee sleeves in raw lifting. I compete raw as well and use a knee sleeve made by Stromgren supports. Have been great for keeping my knees warm, also own a set of the eft heavy sleeves.


Can anyone shed light on the differences between new and old Rehband knee sleeves? I've heard from a few guys that the new ones are much less durable than the old. Anyone have experience with the TK knee sleeves?