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Knee Sleeves, Yes Or No?

I want to start power lifting, i’m 16 and am going to start a program on Monday after the last 2 weeks of heavy benching and squatting, I have been doing squats for around 6 months and in the past 2/3 months have started to try and go heavier and today i hit a 1RM of 100KG @ 77KG BW I know this isn’t amazing but it has gone up greatly in the past month or so. I just wanted to know if there would be any benefit in me buying knee sleeves as i have read many different things about them, I’m not fussed if they will increase my 1RM but I would rather buy them if they will help my knee health in the long term and also my squat as i will try and do at least 1 heavy session a week and one light/moderate.

Knee sleeves are the bees knees !

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Sleeves are great. I use Elite FTS sleeves. I put them on for every squat session from warm up to the bar to heavy singles. Keeps your knees warm and for me adds a bit more confidence so I will get into the hole with more speed and get a good bounce out of the hole. Cheap investment for tangible benefits.

I’m thinking of buying some just to stop any knee pain occurring as well but I’m only 16 and haven’t actually started a program yet but when i start squatting well on heavy weight i normally just keep going heavier until i can’t get any heavier for reps so it probably is a good idea but i was looking at the mark bell ones which are quite expensive, i live in the UK so there’s not as many too choose from either

I believe SBD is made in the UK. Their stuff is top notch in my experience and I’d look into their products w/o hesitation.

And if you are having knee pain at such a young age, and with no prior history of knee trauma, I’d focus on getting your IT bands and quads loosened up. I find I get knee pain when my quads get tight. Body tempering with a big metal cylinder fixes things right up for me.

Check out Donnie Thompson’s vids on body tempering using the ex wife.

I’ve never had any knee pain but I was wondering if it would be beneficial to buy them if I am squatting heavy just to avoid any knee pain that may happen in the future and partly help my squats as well

They are said to help keep the synovial fluid in your knees warm and improve knee function. While I cannot confirm that, they feel great and it now feels weird to squat w/o them.

Yes, I think I will either buy a pair of Strong or SBD sleeves but i have felt slight knee pain today and i also hit my 1RM today but i don’t know if im trying to convince myself i have some knee pain just because i am thinking of buying some sleeves

I’m way older than you, have bad knees due to all the abuse over the years, including ACL reconstruction from a motocross spill way back in my 20’s.

The two things that have helped considerably with knee pain is (i) deep tissue work as I mentioned above and (ii) wide stance, low bar squatting to limit knee movement during the squat to keep my shins as vertical as possible.

Narrower stance squatting and high bar squatting my knees drift past my toes and the loading in that position is terrible.

Despite being 50 and despite all my knee problems, I still manage to squat 500lbs pain free.

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that’s the problem, i don’t want to have knee pain in the next few years if I am going to start squatting much heavier and i’d rather have a good set of knee sleeves even if it is just to be on the safe side.

Well then go ahead. It’s money well invested.

Post up a vid of your squats as well; folks more knowledgeable than me may be able to help you with form with a goal toward preserving your body so you stay injury free.

thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I do squat the way you said you have knee pain so that may be a factor so i’ll try tweaking it