Knee sleeve suggestion?

Im looking for new knee sleeves. Thinking neoprene 7 mm. Any brand suggestions?

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I have A7’s, Titan Yellow Jackets and Iron Tank (Australian company). They are all pretty similar with only minor differences.

Iron tank or the stiffest
A7’s are the softest / stretchiest
Titans are a miz of the other two, still have some stretch but give more rebound.

Just go with something in your price range and remember to get the size right, If you like more compression and rebound and want them to wear just for squats then go a size down. If you just want to keep you knees warm and wear them for everything then just pick the right size based on measurements.


I got a pair of the A7 hourglass sleeves a few months ago and I really like them.


Rehband 7 mm. A surprisingly comfortable sleeve that does what it should under heavy lifting. Try before you buy is a must though, as I needed to go up in size IRL compared to the measuring chart.


I have really enjoyed my Sling Shot Knee sleeves from Mark Bell. Prior to those, I was using the Elitefts Heavy Duty sleeves for about a decade, and switching these was awesome. They’re not stupidly compressive, so you don’t “get” a lot out of them, but they keep the joints warm, provide a decent amount of squeeze, and don’t move around a whole lot during the workout, which is good, because you can wear them for a full workout and not cut off all the circulation to your legs.

Over the years I’ve had Rehbands, SBD and Iron Bull sleeves. I was not expecting this, but I have ended up liking the Iron Bull sleeves the best. The Rehbands are my least favorite.

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Those are what im replacing… they are way past their prime. Pretty much just knee warmers now with no support. Elitefts still sell them. But i find i kind of like the neoprene sleeves since i have a pair for my elbows.

I feel like you would like the slingshots. They’re a neoprene like material.

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I used knee sleeves for most all of my competitive years, but never for support and mainly for holding in heat (I often added Icy Hot, and it is quite a bit warmer with the sleeves on than no sleeves.)

I bought the cheapest ones that I could find. I wanted my quads to have no resistance to bending caused by the sleeve, so very little support was desired. The only way I would purchase “expensive” knee sleeves would be because they would be a cheaper per month, i.e., they lasted longer to account for the higher purchase price.

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Really? Why? I’ve had a pair of the 7mm for years. I’ve never tried anything different, but maybe I should when my wife finally makes me throw these out?

Of the three I’ve tried they are the least supportive, feel flimsier than the SBD and Iron Bulls and don’t stay in place as well.

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I get most of these are for meets… but really Inzer? Id like to know what justifies the price?

count yourself lucky down here those sleeves are $350 Aus. That’s like 3 times the price of A7’s. Surely they cant be that good.

I’m sure it’s simply the fact they’re IPF approved is the big thing. What a racket.

Oh hell no!

@T3hPwnisher unless they are putting 50lbs on a squat theres no way. Even with a disposable income.

Id say you probably correctly nailed it
Inzer is just passing the price along to cover the extortion fee.


This must be a matter of sizing and/or physionomy rather than the product itself. That said, I have only compared my Rehbands to Eleiko, but found that the Eleiko were not as grippy and also flimsier. I contribute this to how my quad/knee/calf ratio is. It also took some convincing to go for Rehband, as I’ve always considered them a rehab type of brand. Now, I will never look for another brand of sleeves. Also, the price is reasonable.

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It might be. They are also very, very old. I bought them at a time when buying knee sleeves meant they were the only option. The Iron Bulls have these silicone gel strips at the top that do a great job of keeping them in place even when I get sweaty. Neither my Rehbands or SBDs have this.


Decided to go with the slingshot.


Came in yesterday… Jesus they are pain in the ass to get on. Going to need to invest in Ky jelly to get them over the calves. Think i removed some hair in the process.

Before anyone ask. Yes i went with the comfort fit size and not competitive.

How do you put them on? I like to put them on inside out and upside down and then grab the bottom (top, really) and roll them over my calf. Might help a little

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