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Knee Sleeve Recommendations

Sup beefcakes,

Recommend me some knee sleeves please. Preferably sleeves over wraps. The ones I’ve been looking at are the Rehband ones. They seem to be pretty well recommended.

Any other suggestions?

Rehbands are really comfortable but dont do much beyond keep your knees warm.

SBD are far less comfortable but if you get them tight enough you can get weight on the bar.

My Rehbands started to become loose after about 6 months, SBD have been going strong for a long while now…

What’s the purpose of said knee sleeves?

cool, never seen the SBD before so I’ll check them out. Thanks

make your knees feel smoothalovalicious, baby

Well, personally I own 3 pairs of sleeves, don’t ask why.

White Crusher 3 ply Knee Sleeves in a size L
White Crusher 3 ply Knee Sleeves in a size XXL
SBD Knee Sleeves in a size S

SBDs cost nearly double of what the White Crushers would cost but I would say they’re well worth it. When it comes down to it, it’s all about sizing. Tighter fit for more “rebound” and a looser fit for general all around comfort. I’ve not tried all the various brands but I do ask around, I’m kinda a gear whore like that.

From what I’ve heard…

Sleeves that seem to aid more in performance would be the SBDs and STrong sleeves.

Sleeves that aid more in comfort would be the Slingshot Knee Sleeves, Tommy Kono Bands and the Rehbands.

As far as I know, the Slingshot Knee Sleeves and Rehbands(referring to the standard blue 7mm ones) are almost identical.

This are just some of the more popular brands by which I’ve been exposed to.

This was from a week ago, you might want to take a look at it.

I’m pretty sure he meant are you looking to compete or just keep your knees warm and snug

yeah, thanks for that…

cool, thanks for the info and the thread. In hindsight I could maybe have spent like 30 seconds scrolling through old threads to try and find one about knee sleeves.

Those SBD ones look the business, although I’m not trying to add weight to my squat with them, just keep my knees feeling good. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions…