Knee Rehabilitation

Another fan of weights and stuff. Actually of anything that is related to workout and training.

About me:
I am 18 years old and I ve been playing basketball for the last 10 years. The last 2 years were the most interesting. I joined the local fitness. First few moments I was only on the machines, but then on december 2014 I started with Stronglifts 5x5 program. And since then I was addicted. Not to look fine in the mirror (that is just a bonus) but to lifting and setting PRs and feeling sore after the workout. Then I started the Smolov program for 3 weeks, and then Sheiko program for 4 weeks and then few more cycles of Smolov. There came the summer and I started with other aspects of power. Sprinting, running 400m and 800m, plyometrics (checkout), and also long runs. So in the fall 2015 I competed in my first marathon, been competing on 10 km. I was seriously preparing for 5 weeks, and with all basketball practices, gym sessions and school work I managed only 10 workouts. But I did it, and I did it pretty well. 38:49 min for 10 km!
After Marathon I started with Smolov (13 weeks of hell) my legs were getting hugeeee and also my squat was improving very fast. here is a video from the middle of the program. But then on January 2016, my body decided it had enough. All these heavy weight squats, all these basketball trainings and stress from school and basketball was just too much.
I torn my ACL and meniscus during the match.
My first serious injury. So here I am. Trying to get as prepared as possible. I am having surgery in june, so plenty of time to get stronger legs etc, so the rehabilitation will be faster post op.

I will post in this thread at least once a week. Sorry for all the youtube videos, I just wanted to show you from days before injury, that Im not one of those who are injured because they are not phyisically prepared for their sport.

Bench press: 100 kg / 225 lbs
Deadlift: 160 kg / 360 lbs (beltless)
Squat 140 kg / 315 lbs (beltless)

So, I started working with barbell exercises for lower body. I did deadlifts from the boxes and two days later I did trapbar deadlifts, also from the boxes. Few sets were made without boxes, that means regular DL, from the ground. Also tried squats, which didn’t look or feel as fine as deadlifts. But anyway, please check my form and give me some feedback.

T3hPwnisher is coming back from an ACL tear - I really recommend you check out his log:

Best of luck.