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Knee Rehab


I read the knee rehab article hoping that it would address some other types of knee pain. It focused on pain felt above the knee...how about those of us that have pain below the knee?

I find that when squatting or walking UP hill, I'm fine all day long. After walking a significant distance downhill (or down stairs) I get a horrible pain on the outside of my knee and slightly to the side & below my knee cap.

Today I hiked a volcano in Mexico (Uruapan). Total distance of maybe 10 miles. As I returned to the base of the volcano my knees started hurting. By the end of the hike out, I could barely walk. Once back to the city of Uruapan, it was all I could do to climb the one flight of stairs to my room.

Is something really messed up or is the root cause doing too much at once? I usually don't hike such long distances.


Sounds like it could be IT-Band friction; the site of pain seems to tie in with the Band's insertion. As you said, it often arises from overuse, combined with tightness (or lack of mobility) around the hips or improper muscle firing patterns. Rest, ice and NSAIDS, as usual for injury protocol, and try foam rolling down the lateral aspect of your thigh, up to the TFL (below the bony prominence of your hip) and around the glutes (a tennis ball works great for this.) Stretch them all out and work on strengthening the glutes with isolation movements (clamshells, etc.) as well as your VMO (terminal knee extensions.) Even if you already have adequate strength around the necessary parts of your hips, this will help to maintain and improve upon that while you recover from the overuse ailment.


concur. Other thing it could be is a Vastus lateralus enthesopathy. think about how developed your VL is to your VM.