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Knee Rehab Suggestions??

T-bros, I injured my knee the other day, most likely a partial tear on the medial side. Looking for any suggestions you all have on rehabing it. Doc said that’s my best option for now. Any exercises, etc. you’d recommend??

Go see a physichal therapist. Or ask for the instructions directly from you doc. They will be the best persons to help you out, instead of random guys over the net.

Or just google for “knee rehabilitation”.

I plan on getting physical therapy for sure, that’s what the doc’s prescribed so far, just wondering if anybody had any good info from a lifter’s perspective.

Also, anybody tried or heard anything about the portable ultrasound kits that are available?? I’ve looked around a bit and they seem to be a good deal. Anybody know anything about them?

I second the physical therapist thing. There are many different exercises you can do but only when you are ready.

The PT can get you started in the right place.

Good luck.

I would go to the physical therapist and follow his exercise/rehab plan 100%. Then I would start this program http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1127149

portable ultrasounds are great! my freind has one for his back and uses it all the time, even ive borrowed it and used when times call for it, its a great investment…

as for the knee…i tore my ACL and has full reconstructive surgery…honestly, i know your situation is different but there are 2 things you should do…

1…go to rehab, even if its just for a couple times just so u know EXACTLY what to do from a professional…

2…listen to your knee, dont push it or force into doing anything, let it heal than get after it…knees are a bitch but if its hurt, its hurt, no way around it…take your time in getting back into things, but that doesnt mean milk it or baby it…im sure you know what i mean…good luck in the recovery man

Not to get too off-topic, but my dad had a funny line that he said many, many years ago when I was having some knee problem or other and we were talking about doctors, rehab, surgery, rest, etc.

He said, “No one really understands the knee.” (Meaning, doctors haven’t perfected ways to fix every problem or injury, and sometimes people will get some type of knee surgery or therapy and still not be the same).

I think he was right.

(Not trying to be a pessimist, just thought it was funny)!

Best of luck to you. I do think things have come a long way nowadays.

Only reason I’m asking is because the PT I’m going to be getting will be from the Air Force, and now and then military specialists are a bit lacking.