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Knee Problems

i just got back from the orthopedic’s office.
my knees have been hurting on and off for a long time now, just a sharp pain in the middle of the knee. the doc told me to do a lot of spinning and some physical therapy but to avoid squats, lunges and pretty much any exercise i’ve been trying to do to add some size and strength to my legs.

now, since my legs are rather skinny and i cannot do squats etc etc…do you guys have any suggestions on other exercises i could do to add some size to my legs?

Let your knees totally heal, then learn how to do squats correctly. I’m assuming that the squats caused the knee pain… If the pain is the result of something else, idk what to tell you.

i had some severe knee issues after getting to pretty high squat numbers.

I worked on my ankle and hip mobility (search for mobility in the search function here)

and foam rolled, focusing on my hamstrings and hip flexors.

I combined this with some fairly light wait lunges onto a box.

The unilateral training helps to strengthen the joint and largely removes the form issue and its possible damage.

performing the lunge onto an elevated platform helps you go past the comfort zone and helps the ankle and hips take the strain.

forgive me if I have misrepresented the information…its all pretty new to me…but suffice to say my knee is now completely fine and im continuing to work with mobility training in order to prevent further issues.

simply put, your average GP will tell you to stop whatever it was you were doing that gave the pain…I would listen to others who have actually been there and done the rehab…read as widely as possible on it, and then come to your own conclusions about what you should do.