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Knee Problem

I was doing 10 x 3 squats, and near the end my knee started to turn inwards. I’m pretty sure i irritated a tendon or something, because it feels like the tendon connecting the knee cap to the patella is sore and a little swollen. Nothing super serious, but i’d rather have it go away quickly. I have no history of sport related knee problems (i’m 18) and i’d rather not develop long lasting issues. There’s no sharp pain associated with ROM, it just aches a little.
Right now i’m icing it around twice a day for 10 minutes, laying off squats, lunges, etc and taking 200 mg of ibuprofin 2 - 3 times a day. Any other suggestions?

I think you have Patello-femoral pain syndrome which is characterised by pain felt behind the kneecap. Squatting, walking up and down hills or stairs, or sitting still for extended periods of time can exacerbate the pain. The usual cause is abnormal movement of the kneecap as the knee is bent and straightened, and this can lead to wear and tear of the cartilage on the back of the kneecap. Imbalances in muscle strength, tight muscles, and structural abnormalities of the lower limb can cause the problem. The pain usually comes on gradually over time.

At the moment you are doing the right thing, rest it until you are confident the injury has healed. BTW make sure you don’t drink alcohol and don’t massage the joint both these can cause swelling and bleeding. It also might be a fair bet to bandage the knee. However, if the injury doesn’t heal you rbest bet is to see a doctor or physiotherapist. You might also want to check if you are squatting with correct technique.


Thanks for the response. Do you think it
could just be tendonitis rather than
the wearing down of cartiledge? I feel like there’s not much lateral pain on either side of the knee cap, just on the tendon below it.

Also, would doing ATG squats with light weight (135 pounds or so) be beneficial for rehab after a week or so?

I’m no doctor, so I couldn’t really tell you more than that. But as far as the rehab goes make sure your experiencing no untaward pain at all. Listen to your body, you’ve done the right thing now and i’m sure you’d be sensible enough to do it again if the problem reoccured.