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Knee problem


I had a problem in my right knee this summer, in august, after about two months of rope skipping, bycicle, running and weight training.
when the pain started, i reduced and later stopped the first three, leaving only weight training and the pain reduced a little. The pain was on the inside of the knee after walking (more than 20 minutes) and in the end of the day.

So i had a CAT scan, (i think this is the name) went to a doctor (orthopaedic). He told me that my problem was genetic (my mother has alot of knee problems) and that i had to strengthen the vastus medialis, training it specially in the 30-60
degrees range (zero degrees is whem the leg is extended). He also told me that i can do some cicling, swimming, some jogging (very light and increasing the intensity as long as i don’t have pain) and avoid jumping rope.

I am currently taking glucosamine sulfate - 1500 mg and Cartivix, that has diacereina - 50 mg as active ingredient (these are the portuguese names, i can’t find it’s translation in english) diacereina seems to be an anti-arthrosic.

I will be doing this for 6 months, then have another exam and if it isn’t better i might have to go to surgery.
Right now i rarely have pain and when i have it’s very light, but my kneecap still feels a bit “loose” when i extend my leg and contract/relax the quadriceps. In the report of the scan it mentions that the value of ta/gt is too high on both knees, 18.1mm on the right one and 17mm on the left one. It also mentions “Baker’s cysts of milimetrical dimensions on both knees”
the CAT scan images are below.

Right now i am doing TBT and the lower body part is deadlift, leg press. calf press and leg curl. I am 23 years old, my weight is 80 kg (176 pounds), and i don’t know my bodyfat % (i can see my first ab muscle and a bit of the second)

I would like to hear your opinion on this (medication, training, surgery, etc)

P.S.: Sorry for the bad english, if you don’t understand just say and i will try to explain better.


right knee with contracted quadriceps


Left knee, relaxed quadriceps


Left knee, contracted quadriceps