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Knee Problem

My left knee has been bothering me for the past two weeks now. I guess the best way to describe it is that it often feels somewhat “stiff.” I took two weeks off from all physical activity, hoping that that would help it heal, but that didn’t work. I can run without any pain and do full squats with no pain, but it hurts when I either a.) squat on my toes or begin to transfer weight to my toes in a squat, or b.) do standing quad stretches or sit back on my heels. Occasionally there’s some pain when I lock my knee. The rest of the time it feels pretty much normal. The pain began a day or two after I introduced overhead squats into my routine, so I figure that it had something to with overhead squats, maybe overcompensating for the weight behind my neck by driving through my toes in the squat rather than through my heels. Either that or the depth jumps I did, or perhaps a combination of the two. If anybody could shed some light on why it only hurts when it does and how long it might take to heal I’d be much appreciative.

Where exactly is the pain in your knee? Lateral, medial, below the knee, behind the patella etc…

Well, I’m no expert on knee anatomy, but it seems it’s definitely behind the patella, maybe somewhat lower and to the outside of the left knee. It’s really only painful when the knee is bent in quad stretches or if weight transfers from my heels to my toes in a squat. It’s a little difficult to describe where exactly it occurs since the it occurs when knee is bent, but slightly down and to the outside behind the patella is I guess the best way to describe it.

I would recommend that you make an appointment with an activerelease practitioner. Go to www.activerelease.com to find one in your area.