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Knee Problem.. CONCERNED

Recently the area below my knee leading to the ankle (shins?) have been really tight. At first I just put it down to heavy squatting however this has definitely got worse and now my shins feel very weak, especially when going down stairs.

When I have squatted, the feeling (it’s not really pain just a feeling of tightness in my shins) is alleviated but returns a few hours afterwards. The only cause I could think of is tightness so I have been stretching a lot in my leg muscles and this seems to have relived the tightness a bit, but to be honest I’m not really sure what I’m doing.

I went out for a run tonight to see if this would loosen the feeling up however after half a mile the shins became so tight that I had to stop and walk home in pain.

Any suggestions recommended bcos I’m really concerned about long term knee damage. I have stopped squatting for now.

Just my opinion but you should take it easy on your legs until this passes.

If you recently started working them hard then it sounds like over training to me.

I had this in boot camp. The doc just gave me some pain meds and said you’re fine. To much work on your legs.

Hell I couldnt even make my legs move fast enough to run and it hurt like hell.

I still had to do full duty and ran every night. It got better each day and was no problem after a few weeks. But I wasn’t doing any squats. Just marching and running in heavy ass steel toe boondockers during the day.

Got to wear sneakers for the nightime running.

You may want to see a doctor.

Oh yeah, I had to take the pain meds so I could do any running and marching. To much pain otherwise. He gave me something called cama.

Try a search on shin splints and see if you think that applies to you. Don’t try to work through shin splints! They need to heal.