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Knee Problem/Advice

Two weeks ago, during a lacrosse scrimmage, I injured my left knee. What happened was I was going forward, but had to turn back so I planted with my left leg and before I even started turning I apparently put too much weight on it. I immediately felt a snap in the back of my knee, I heard it too, and had to limp off the field. Now, two weeks later, I still have minor pain when I walk and it isn’t too bad unless I put weight on my heel. What worries me most is that whenever I try to lock out my knee and put weight on it, it gets wobbly, weak, and I have to bend my knee.

I saw an ortho on Thursday and he thinks I sprained my LCL, a ligament on the outside of your knee. I don’t feel too much pain there and I think he just didn’t listen to what I said. Anyone have any advice or input on this? I’m not sure that it matters anymore because I’m gonna do physical therapy for two weeks and then get reevaluated. Still, I’d like to have some more opinions.

He “thinks” you sprained it!!! I would hope that some Doctor would request an MRI, or a CT scan, so that he can actually " See", the damage and not just imagine it. I would lay low until you get an accurate prognosis.

I thought that was odd too, but all he ordered was an X-ray so he could get a look at the distance between the bones in the joint. I don’t know, he’s a professional so I’ll let him do his thing but if in two weeks I’m no better off, someone’s gonna have to pay.