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Knee Popped During Squats, But No Pain

I was knocking out front squats and I became tired and my form went out the window. I leaned forward too much, took the weight off my heals and then I heard my knee pop loud.

I stood in fear but I found that I could still do squats. Its a day later and there is no pain and no swelling.

I saw a regular Family Doctor and he said that it was most likely the knee popping out and popping back in??? Does that even happen?

I’m not an ortho but it sounds like that may be the case, and yes it is possible to “pop” your knee out of place and back in since it is a joint. Is it swollen now? If there is still pain, inflammation, or a limited range of motion you may need to see an orthopedic surgeon

Guess loud is relative. My knees sound like an Alex Van Halen drum solo. Some times I am a little stiff but never sore or swollen. My doc says that is when I sould worry.

Watch it but do not obsess about it. That can lead you to change your ROM (this is predicated on you already posessing sound form)and that can really throw thing out of whack.

Your knees and my neck should start a band together!

I was worried it could be more serious than that. Thanks. I have heard of people who hear the pop, the knee is fine and suddenly the knee collapses.

I’ve heard ligaments pop in my knees, back, neck…without pain. its ‘normal’ you shouldn’t be too bad unless pain sets in at all.

I am a one man drum solo when I work out, both knees, both wrists and my right shoulder all make some funky cracking and popping noises. I do suffer from a limited ROM on the knees, I can’t dead lift or squat much over my body weight or the knees just lock.

Ever crack your knuckles?

Just to clarify- there was definite pain when it popped. Not talking about the usual cracks you get from bending.


Never had that one.

[quote]Sanka wrote:
Just to clarify- there was definite pain when it popped. Not talking about the usual cracks you get from bending.[/quote]

But no pain the next day at all or afterwards?

Something similar happened to me while walking yesterday, but it doesn’t hurt to squat, go lateral or, only to walk. It feels like my knee is not fully in place or something, like it was to crack hard.