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Knee pains

Hi guys i have been having bad knee pains during leg days. I have been doing heavy hack squats only and my knees have been very painful during training and after. On my last training day i used some knee wraps which helped relive the pain. Does anyone know if knee wraps help protect the knees or are they just helping relive the pain. And also does anyone know what might be causing it ?

Jag, you are just masking the pain. Two things have occurred here; 1) you have been doing hacks too long and incurred overtraining and need a rest from them. 2) You are not flexible enough to do hacks without doing major damage. I love Hacks. I have the flexibility to do them, but I don’t do them for months on end. Give it a break, if it doesn’t get better, seek out an ART practitioner.

Hmmm did you ever think it was that hack squats? Hacks can be really hard on the knees. Try the regular barbell squat and watch your knee pains disappear. That is after you get rid of all the inflamation that is going on. Yes, knee wraps are just a crutch, they should be reserved for max attempts if that is your goal. If not they are a liability.

Heavy hack squats are a nail in your coffin. This is probably the culprit to your knee pain. Go ahead and take a week off and then cycle your training more where you are going heavy for 3 weeks and then more high intensity higher reps for 2-3 weeks. If you cannot stay away from hack squats then do them one legged and this will put less stress on your knees and joints.

I’ve had a bad knee forever and when I started squatting my knee pain was getting better and better. After 2 years I had no problems and my knee’s felt great. Then my gym got a hack squat and the first time I used it my knee was fucked for a month. My advice is to stay away from the hack squat and stick to natural body movements like the barbell squat.

Yeah dont overdo the hacksquat,do regular squats instead…You wouldn´t take to benching in the smith rack only would you? :wink: hope your knees heal quickly…cheers

Hi guys thanks for the support and information, I do hack squats about 3 times a month, maybe it’s time to give then a rest and just work on the leg press and barbell squat. Anyway i’ll keep u guys posted. thanks again bye