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Knee Pain?

I have never had any issues with my knees until now. I am doing Korte’s 3X3 program and squatting 3X and am in the volume pahse. I know it’s a lot of volume, but I have done it before. Plus I use some linament and neoprene sleves.
My form is good from what I can tell. I am using a wide stance and opening my hips.

My knees only feel sore if I sit for a while, like a long dinner or drive for a few hours. No pain from walking, going upstairs, laying down, etc. Any suggestions?

Where is the knee pain? on the side? which side? both knees?


have you tried doing Terminal knee extensions with bands? that helps keep my knees pain free

Yes, it is on the side of each knee cap in both knees? Mayabe its just over use and I need to take a few days off?

What’s puzzling is I am using a wide PL stance the last 18 months, and I try and make sure my hips are moving before my knees.

Have you thought about foot placement, tried different stances? I had knee problems and ended up turning my right toe out about a half an inch, no more pain.

[quote]TTewell342 wrote:
have you tried doing Terminal knee extensions with bands? that helps keep my knees pain free[/quote]

Great advise.

Sounds to me like your hip flexors are really tight… they’ll tighten up more when you’re sitting causing some pain / discomfort. Try stretching your hip flexors a couple times a day and take a look at the Cressey article about 10 good uses for a Smith machine.

It sounds like yoy need to rest your knees until the discomfort is gone. I would try squatting with a narrower stance, no more than shoulder width. I dont know why people use that wide stance to squat, it puts a helluva lot of stress where the leg joins the hip, and the knees are at an awkward position. Also, make sure youre warming up real well, if you are over 40 years old, anything can go at anytime, so be sure to take care of the joints!! I always do leg extensions prior to squatting, just to make sure Im warming the knees up real well. And dont forget the Glucosamine and Chondroitin, and Flameout!!

Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah, I am pounding EFA’s and joint supps, and I am over 40.

I just got some metal knee wraps and I think they will help a lot.