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Knee Pain

OK?So this is my problem.

I have an externally rotated right leg. When my knee is pointed straight forward my foot is rotated outward approximately 45-60 degrees. My left leg is also externally rotated but to a much lesser degree. It is a defect that I have had since birth. I have always had problems with squats from knee pain, normally coming from the inside portion of my knee right across the inside corner of the patella. I am able to deadlift without any pain but pain comes and goes with squats. My question is this should I just give up on squats and go to leg presses or is there something else I can start working on to strengthen the knee.

Any Ideas?

i’d see a specialist(i.e. chiropractor,or osteopathic physician about this above all, but here’s my 2cc)It sounds like MCL damage (common in women as well because of the ‘q’ angle) anyways one thing that helped my knee pain was hindu squats that matt furey teaches. its best to buy the videos/book from his site www.mattfurey.com but mike mahler ahs an article somewhere in the t-mag archives.

-Do you lose sensation in your lower leg? (numbness, tingliness)

-Does it swell up at all after you squat?

-When you squat do you feel that you’re driving the weight up with your heel? Ball of your foot? Lateral or medial edge of your foot?

-Are you taking any medications for pain?

I’d be able to help you more if you can answer these questions four…