Knee Pain

I am getting some pain in my when i turn and when i flex the muscle in my legs I am going to see a doctor but I cant get in until the end of the week has any one had this before?

might add when i straighten my leg it huts but when its fine

I this pain right under the knee cap?

no to the left of the knee cap (looking down at it)

Do this

Let me know how you feel moving your knee after doing that for a few minutes.

Well it does not sound like patellar tendonitis to me but I would still get it checked by a doctor

feels a bit tendor ive had this pain for two weeks and i woke up this morning and it is almost gone but ive rested it for two weeks as well and not done any cardio or leg work.

Is there anything i can do to prevent patellar tendonitis if this is what it is

Sounds like meniscus problem. Rest, ice, ibuprophen. The Dr may want to xray and maybe MRI. Don’t over due it. Also have somebody check that your squat form is good.