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Knee Pain While Squatting



Honestly, for the lulz

And no advice is bad advice. You can ask questions, hear what you think is ‘bad advice’ and never follow it because of your subjective view… which in turn could lead you to a more effective approach. From what it seems, the only advice you’re going to accept is the one that jives with your current understanding… this goes for most of us. A vegan wouldn’t dare try a sizzling ribeye, no matter how much protein and EFA’s are in there.

I’m shitting on, ahem excuse me, challenging your perspective on how you decide which advice to take. Granted, a fat guy sitting on a machine, not paying attention, and wearing a Bally’s Total Fitness personal trainer shirt is probably not someone you want to take advice from. However, who’s to say you couldn’t learn from him?

I’ll tell ya exactly what you’re gonna hear from here. A very random template, the names of pundits to somehow extend credibility to the advice they dish out, ‘eat more’, ‘lift more’, and a random program. Actually, not so random. It’ll be Bill Starr or Rippetoe.

Which, IMO, sucks ballsacks.


I cannot see the video (says it is unavailable), but based on what other people are saying it seems that you’re knees are shooting far forward. For a low bar squat you should have very little dorsiflexion, or forward travel of the knees, basically. Front squats and high bar back squats have dorsiflexion. This is one reason that I use low bar - too much dorsiflexion is bothersome to my knees sometimes.

Another cue is to not only keep your knees “in line” with your toes, but actively push your knees out towards your small toes. This acquires more muscles into the movement and adds more stability.

I know that it can feel incredibly awkward to low bar squat initially, especially since it feels unnatural compared to a high bar squat. Just keep at the form, make sure to initiate with your hips by pushing them back and down. You are using your hips as a lever in a way by pushing them back to maintain the bar position over your center of gravity (feet).

If you do have tightness, which many people do, foam roll and stretch. This has helped me a lot to not only remove some mobility issues, but actually feel my muscles activate more.