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Knee Pain when Squatting

Hey Guys, been lurking on the forum for some weeks, sucks that first post is about an injury though…

Little intro:
I’m currently 5’10" at 167lbs been back weight lifting a little over a month now after a very long layoff

My natural weight (when I stop lifting and take it easy on the beer)is around 155lbs

5 years ago when I was lifting seriously I was at 185lbs with six pack and all, no idea body fat %age but I’m generally a lean guy.


Back hitting the Iron and yesterday was warming up to Squat with a light set and 2 reps in I felt a sharp pain inside my knee, racked the weight, limped around a while, went did some bench Press and my knee seemed to feel better.

Put even lighter weight on the squat bar and 1 rep the pain came back.

Went on with workout, left legs alone. Today not limping, no pain but if I even attempt a bodyweight squat at the office I’m getting a sharp pain at around 90 degrees leg bend.

I know I should probably wait a couple days before going berserk, but guess I just need to vent as well as assure myself that this is not going to send me prancing away from the Rack to the leg Extension machine.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on with my knee?


What kind of shoes do you normally wear throughout the day? Do you have flat feet? The shoes you were wearing when you squatted, are they what you normally wear?

I wear Indoor Soccer shoes normally to lift weights. Always have…

Don’t have flat feet, arches a little high if anything

switched Jobs recently though and I have been wearing sneakers to work as opposed to dress shoes though…

could that be it?

I’m truly not saying this to be a dick, but try the Search function. This topic has been discussed to great end. You may find some good information in one of the threads.

[quote]SSC wrote:
I’m truly not saying this to be a dick, but try the Search function. This topic has been discussed to great end. You may find some good information in one of the threads.[/quote]


Stretch your calves and quads daily, strengthen your glutes and hamstrings and don’t do something if it hurts…

hmmm. well which shoes were giving you more support? the dress shoes or the sneakers? the only reason I’m asking is because I never had knee problems.

Except at one point when the snow got real bad, I was wearing very heavy boots all day, and after I’d squat on leg day, my knees would hurt. And even though I wouldn’t squat with the boots, it was still bad. I happen to have very flat feet, and those boots give me no support so every step I take is heavy, and it wears on my knee.

So the squatting probably aggravated it even more. Once I stopped wearing the boots so much, all the pain went away. Just a possibility. All I’m saying is that if you’ve NEVER had pain before, and all of a sudden you do, look for the most direct solution. You know?

i only used to get knee pain when i was buckling my knees on the way up (weak glutes/hammies or just need to activate them)

knee pain = bad form, find out what ur doing wrong

Neoprene sleeves help, but if you’re getting pain with body weight squats something must be up with your knee.

How do you squat? Oli/Pl?

[quote]plateau wrote:
How do you squat? Oli/Pl?[/quote]

More Oli (Back squats, Ass to Ground)

Pissed off more than anything though. Heading out to buy a knee brace today…

Have you even seen anyone to consult re: this yet? GP, sports medicine, etc. ? Before you go all in on buying a knee brace why don’t you back it up a bit & figure out what is structurally wrong with your knee first by getting a professional opinion? Strapping into a knee brace & trying to work around the issue might just make the issue worse.

Get that knee looked at & good luck.