Knee Pain when Squatting Heavy

Was wondering if anyone has pain in the knee right below the kneecap in the front of the knee. Knees have been sore but the sharp pain just started . I know to ice and take it easy but wonder if I need to see a Doc

Sharp pain = see a doctor.

Edit: I had sharp pain in one knee at a very specific range of motion when squatting. Nothing turned out to be majorly wrong – it was tendinitis (or whatever the new name for that is). But sharp pain is something I would always pay pretty close attention to and that’s the line where I usually go see the doctor. Just to make sure something isn’t really jacked up.

Actually there’s a lot of evidence that ice is not productive since it limits blood supply to an area the body is purposely trying to inflame.

I torn my acl 20 years ago. I get knee pain on my kneecap where they took tendon to make replacement acl.

If you don’t have an acute injury to the area and it’s just something that happens from training, you would likely benefit from seeing a PT.

Thanks , gonna see a doc just to make sure . The pain is enough u don’t want to squat so I’m gonna get it checked out

My first thought is your squatting form. Are your knees traveling past your toes? This is especially important with heavy weight, IMO.

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Thought about that , def is worse with heavier weight , gonna video it and see

Post the video here if you want. You can tell a lot from weighted and unweights squat movement patterns.

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