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Knee Pain When Not Warmed Up

Hi Gents,

I have succesfully started incorporating front squats and overhead squats into my workout. I go as low as possible and my rear usually is about two inches from the ground.

Once I am warmed up and working out my knees are SOLID. They feel great and I feel confident in my strenght.
My problem is that when I am not working out my knees are creaky and there is a slight pain when I bend.

I am 23, I take a fish oil capsules with every meal and my whole life I have had knees that crack when I bend down. But I have never had any pain in my knees until I started squatting low. Any advice, thoughts or people with similiar problems??


It’s probably just some patellar tendinitis. I get it occasionally,too, and I’m 24 FWIW.

The two things that pretty much prevent it altogether for me are to do a proper warmup and to remain flexible. If I fall behind on my stretching it will start to bother me, but as long as I keep my hip flexors, quads, hams, and calves loose, it is not a problem.

Not a big deal, just warmup better and start to stretch.

Always warm up. Always.

And adding some stretches is important too, like said above. Don’t go all yoga or anything, but you should definitely have a base of flexibility.

Yup I warm up for about 10 minutes prior to my bout with quads. I just couldnt bring that shit to the grass. I hit the bike for 5 and do several pansy sets on the leg extension and I superset those with bodyweight squats.

So I recently developed some patellar tendonitis, it is only in one knee, and it is mild, stretching and warming up thoroughly helps it to not get re-aggravated, as does fish oil, icing after activity, and being aware of it.

Additionally, you might want to consider the shoes you are training in. I am almost entirely certain that I developed this knee pain/tendonitis because I was doing heavy activity in broken old shoes that were not even designed for the type of activity I was doing in the first place.