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Knee Pain When Kneeling

My knees sometimes get that tired, beaten up feeling, but no outright pain…but from time to time I get this thing where if I kneel down it feels like my knee is one big blister that is filled with boiling hot liquid and about to burst, so I instantly have to get off of it.

I’m guessing it’s inflammation of some kind…but weird that it doesn’t get in the way of my squatting (not doing heavy right now) or cardio.

When I’ve gotten that feeling, I get off it immediately since it hurts like hell. In my case it just seems to be a gas bubble of some kind. If I just move my knee around at a few different angles, it usually releases with a fairly loud ‘pop’, and is fine after that.

I, however, have no idea if that’s the same thing you’re experiencing.

Well it does sort of feel like a bubble, but the pain would be described as very “hot”…almost like said bubble was filled with lava.

And thanks for not making a joke about ass pain when kneeling! I realized I’d left myself wide open there!

Is there swelling in/ in front of the knee?

No swelling, and pushing on the knee with my hand doesn’t hurt, it needs to be the weight of my body.

Are there any other positions/ anything that cause this same pain?

No, though I have the usual sort of thing where in the morning I’m a little stiff, but no pain.

When your kneeling, are you in a full kneel where your sitting on your heels. Or is it more of a half kneel, where the knee in question is the only one touching the ground? Could be a few things, but if it’s the latter it could be a simple case of bursitis or fat pad inflammation. PM me if you want, btw, I am a Physical Therapist.

I should say that I would like to help mainly because your humor on T-Nation has gotten me through many slow days at work, hehe. I need to repay the favor if I can.

Thanks for that!

It seems the kind where it’s the latter one…that one knee on the ground.

So that narrows it down for me. It could either be 1) Chondromalacia patella 2) Any type of patellar bursitis (infra, deep infra or pre-patellar). 3) Inflammation of your fat pad (less likely)
Your a teacher, correct me if I’m wrong, so I wanted to know if you spend a lot of time kneeling on a hard surface to get down to the kids level because that could easily be the culprit. Since you can’t feel any swelling or palpate any pain in your knee it probably is deep infra-patellar bursitis. But then again, can’t really diagnose conditions over the internet huh, hehe.

I am a teacher but if I crouch down I just sort of squat and my knees don’t hit the floor.

Silly me is that I didn’t mention in the first post that I do (or did, since I stopped two weeks ago) go jogging a couple of times a week. Probably not the best idea for a heavy guy that’s almost 40.

Oh yea, everyone thinks running is the best form of exercise for some reason. Unfortunately some people are just not built to run for any distance day in and day out. If you only knew how many patients I treat because of this exact problem. They are addicted to running yet it’s ruining their joints (and fattening my wallet simultaneously.) No matter how much I educate, they’ve been infused with this notion that running is the penultimate form of conditioning (even though it is for some, provided your from the plains of Mexico or Kenya, lol.)