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Knee Pain. What to Do?


im gonna for go any leg work for a while . maybe a week or so, its just killin me in both knees and i feel so guilty about not squatting but its just hurting so bad, any suggestions what to do besides take off, i think im passed the point of ice, so should i try heat?? any leg stuff hurts besides hamstring stuff thanks


Where exactly is the pain? How did it started? How long ago? Any pain during everyday activities? What about deadlifts? Also, post a video of you squatting, I have a feeling it is your form, because I haven't seen someone with decent technique saying his knees hurt from squats.


YUP my form blows im tall like 6'3 and my ankle mobilty is lame and i only front squat now always feels like im gonna fall backwards if i back squat, but needless to say i still have squatted for years and still think they have changed my body and strength all over, but i guess the form is the problem and im paying now, pain is above the knee cap and hurts like hell to get up out of the couch and up off anything really.........


Learn how to squat correctly. Mobility and flexility should be a priority. All the pain will go away on its own. Start with just BW, then move onto a barbell slowly.


yes. it is harder for people with long limbs to learn to squat (much much harder). but it surely is possible.
do you have some olympic weightlifting shoes (with a bit of a heel raise) you might find that they help you out A LOT. take some vids of yourself squatting without weight if you want some feedback on your form. it is much much better in the long run to really take your time to learn the movement so it is comfortable and safe before loading it than to not worry about your form and load up the weights.

it isn't being a wuss... it is about your being in the game for the long haul. sucks to be injured :frowning: