Knee Pain Troubleshoot

During my first squat yesterday my knee just had this feeling when I went down. I am not describing it as a ripping for fear of something bad but there was a weird feeling. I tried a couple squats after that and when I performed the rep in a certain way I would get pain in my knee. Non loaded and walking around I am fine I can bend and do everything with no pain. How should I proceed in troubleshooting the issue?

I’m thinking about loading up on some Glucosamine & Chondroitin w/ MSM. Is this a good first troubleshooting step? I don’t want to go to a specialist right away but I thought I would ask some people who know more than me. Thanks!

Rest your knee for a week, take a lot of fish oil, ice it often and do some low resistance biking to get more bloodflow in there. After that week if your knee bothers you again, it might be bright to get it checked to make sure there is nothing bad just waiting to happen like cartilages or ligaments damages. Just my 0.02$