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Knee pain should I get a second opinio

My knees have been bothering me off and on for about a year now. So I finally went to see a ortho about the pain(its not chronic, but annoying and my loads for squating have dropped). After telling him about the pain he watches me walk and has me do a few stretchs and say he can see nothing wrong. Total appoiontment time 15 minutes max and he doesn’t even watch me squat which might be the primary cause of the pain. He also says my outer thighs maybe overdeveloped for my knees and inner quads.

HE wants me to squat to a 45 degree angle max. His theory is that the quad would still grow without putting pressure on the knees. However wouldn’t that just cause my knees to not strenghten furthering the quad imbalance.

Second he suggested a brace to support the knee and take pressure off of it. I argue for my above point once again.

SO sould I get a second opinon and if soon what should I look fot in a doctor and how.


You should definitely get a 2nd opinion as it sounds like this Dr. didn’t do a whole lot to help you. He contradicted himself by saying first that your vastus medialis might be too weak for your vastus lateralis and then recommending 1/2 squats which will tend to further exacerbate this condition.

Yes, you should get a second opinion. As for how to choose a good doc, that’s a little tougher. My advice would be to talk to as many athletic people as you can about who they go to and see if one name in particular starts getting mentioned regularly.

Another (inferior) method would be to contact your local professional organization and see who they recommend. Good luck!

get a second opinion. To suggest a knee brace without a thorough examination is ridiculous. A couple of studies pubished recently have suggested that knee braces are detrimental for patients with non specific knee pain. They continue that the prescription of a knee brace should be controlled and graded in those cases where they will be beneficial - im guessing he hasnt given you a wearing regime which would suggest once again that he hasnt provided a quality service. In terms of suggesting a good ortho im based in australia so i cant really help.

Definitely get a second opinion. He should’ve done more diagnostic. Or get a doc who’ll have you do MRI to ensure that there’s nothing wrong w/ your knee structure.